Coming in 2014 – Grandvillains

Watch out for more Grandville miniatures in the next couple of months.

This time we’re focussing on opponents for LeBrock and Ratzi, starting with the mangy menace of ‘Mad Dog’ Mastock from Grandville Mon Amour in all his tatty glory, complete with nasty knife:


Hot on LeBrock’s heels come these three armed killers; secret police in the employ of the shadowy cabal at the heart of Grandville:

All models come with separate heads, which can be posed or swapped between bodies for extra variety.

Lakes Comic Art Festival

The Ocelot is off to the Lakes Comic Art Festival in Kendal tomorrow with a bulging pouch of Grandville Miniatures.

Look out for Bryan Talbot’s personal display of painted models, or buy your own from Forbidden Planet and Waterstones.

Roving oceloteers Helena and Maisie are highly approachable and open to hellos and offers of tea. Look for the tall one in the red t-shirt or the normal-sized one dressed as Billie.