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Meet Baron Krapaud

Our new model is that scheming industrialist Baron Krapaud from Grandville: Bete Noire, seated here in his personal railchair with pet laptoad Bubbles.
On sale now from Crooked Dice Game Design Studio.

Original Krapaud sculpt by Andrew May.
Original railchair sculpt by Ben Calvert-Lee.
Photo courtesy of Mr Kevin Dallimore.


Lakes Comic Art Festival

The Ocelot is off to the Lakes Comic Art Festival in Kendal tomorrow with a bulging pouch of Grandville Miniatures.

Look out for Bryan Talbot’s personal display of painted models, or buy your own from Forbidden Planet and Waterstones.

Roving oceloteers Helena and Maisie are highly approachable and open to hellos and offers of tea. Look for the tall one in the red t-shirt or the normal-sized one dressed as Billie.


On the beat

Inspector LeBrock and Ratzi, painted by Kevin Dallimore

Inspector LeBrock and Ratzi, painted by Kevin Dallimore

It’s just a couple of days after our big launch at Salute, and Grandville Miniatures are now at large among the public. Here we see Detective Inspector LeBrock and Sergeant Ratzi in old London, pounding those mean, cobbled streets, courtesy of Kevin Dallimore’s painting and photographic skills.

See the Gallery page for more pictures.