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Billie on sale now

BillieArmed with a dainty derringer and dressed to kill, Billie can be yours for a price.

Go to the lovely Crooked Dice people’s online store to place your order.

Billie, now in colour

… although those colours are mainly black and white, as befits LeBrock’s ladyfriend of the night.

Billie, beautifully painted by Kevin Dallimore, sculpted by Jo Brumby.

On sale soon!

Billie, sculpted by Jo Brumby, painted by Kevin Dallimore

Billie, sculpted by Jo Brumby, painted by Kevin Dallimore

Welcome to Grandville

Grandville Miniatures is a brand new range of 28mm figures featuring the intrepid Detective Inspector LeBrock, his irrepressible sidekick Ratzi, the smouldering femme fatale Billie and other characters from Costa book prize winner Bryan Talbot’s series Grandville.

Elegantly dressed humanoid animals, steampunk technology, romance and violence abound in these sumptuously drawn tales of intrigue and adventure.

Why not take a look at our Gallery page or jump straight to Crooked Dice to order your miniatures.

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